What Kind of Warranty Comes with a UV Light Installation?

UV lamps, monitoring devices, optional accessories, and other parts are typically covered by a limited warranty for one year from the date of original purchase. The UltraMax EZUV system is backed by a ten-year warranty, while the UV lamp itself has a one-year warranty. For full details, refer to the owner's manual. The UV lamp installation diagram provides guidance on where to place it to disinfect a type A cooling coil.

UV-C light, which is the frequency used in germicidal UV lamps, works by altering the DNA of germs, preventing them from reproducing and effectively killing them. No, Ice UV is designed to emit enough UV-C light to kill mold and germs without damaging plastic parts. In North America, under an agreement between UV Pure and its service providers and certified service dealers, this warranty will be honored by either UV Pure or a certified service distributor. UV Pure takes great care to ensure that OEM options are of the highest quality and meet their high standards.

Using replacement UV lamps other than original Pure UV equipment will invalidate any certification granted or pending from the EPA, NSF, MENV, NWRI and other validation protocols and certification bodies


UV Pure may require that certain defective parts be returned to them within 45 days for analysis and to facilitate continuous improvement; for example, circuit boards and sensors that do not work must be returned to UV Pure. They can also purchase and supply equipment manufactured and guaranteed by other companies (the original equipment manufacturer) which is offered as options along with UV Pure products and parts. Mold growth doesn't stop when the fan is turned off, so it's not recommended to turn the UV light on and off frequently as this will shorten its lifespan. Of course, UV Pure carries out rigorous testing of its original equipment systems and components according to their own high quality control standards, as well as external certification and testing protocols with UV Pure lamps from original equipment. This limited warranty will be void if the product is not properly installed, if it is used under conditions that exceed the UV Pure specifications set forth in the manual or product specifications, or if it is damaged by water due to improper installation or poorly adjusted plumbing connections. UV lamps are installed near the existing indoor coil to eliminate bacteria, viruses, mold, and germs that affect the health of the home.

An ultraviolet UV light not only prevents HVAC infestation but also destroys harmful microorganisms in the air stream as they pass through it. It works by causing an intense “sunburn” that only affects objects that it hits directly.

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