What Certification is Needed to Install UV Light Installation?

If you're looking to install UV light in your home or office, it's important to consider the safety of the product. UL Solutions can certify the safety of eligible UVC (180-280 nm = UVC shortwave) devices using UL standards for the product type. Homeowners can purchase portable, standalone UV light units to install anywhere in the home or office. For optimal performance, UV lights should be placed around reflective surfaces and in conjunction with high-efficiency filters. This will ensure that the system is working properly and safely.

Depending on your needs and the system you choose, you can install the UV lights directly on the air controller. When deciding which type of UV light to install, it's important to consider your home and personal needs. Both types of UV light offer sterilization benefits that can reduce maintenance activities and repair work. Coil sterilizers are a great place to start, as they are relatively easy to install and maintain. Once you've seen the results, you can then consider installing an air sterilizer. Safety is paramount when introducing new lighting and UV radiation products to the lighting, appliance, consumer products, healthcare, and other markets.

This will ensure that your UV light installation is safe and effective.

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