How to Ensure Your Home is Ready for UV Light Installation

Ultraviolet (UV) radiation can be just as dangerous when it comes from other sources as it is from the sun. To protect your family from the risks of UV radiation, it is essential to determine the best place to install UV light in your home's air conditioning system. The main types of HVAC UV lights are low-pressure mercury vapor lamps, medium-pressure mercury vapor lamps, and high-pressure mercury vapor lamps. The ideal location for UV light will depend on the type of air conditioning system you have and the design of your home.

If you have a central air conditioning system, the best spot for UV light may be close to the air intake. If you have a window-mounted climate system, the best place for UV light may be near windows. It should usually be placed near the evaporator coil so that it can effectively sterilize the air as it passes through the air conditioning system. The closer the UV light is installed to the drip tray, the better, since that's where there will be more moisture. In an A-shaped coil, it's a good rule of thumb to install the UV light above, in the center, and downstream of the coil.

Most systems also include germicidal UV light units, which help eliminate harmful bacteria and viruses. It can even be connected so that the UV light only comes on when the air conditioning unit is working, so that it is not on all day, every day. Most UV lights come with an extension cable (5 to 7 feet long) that can be used to power the device. If you already have enough cords and cables hanging from the outlets in your house, the best option for you would be to connect the UV light to the oven. Most HVAC UV lighting products also come with a handy paper template that can make the assembly process much easier. When air conditioning systems are not properly maintained, UV lights used to kill bacteria can be filtered and projected directly onto occupants.

To help you cut the holes at an appropriate distance from each other, simply tape the template to the area where you want to install the UV light. To make sure your home has the right wiring for a UV light installation, consider your type of air conditioning system and design of your home. Make sure to place your UV light near windows or air intake if you have a central air conditioning system or window-mounted climate system respectively. Additionally, connect your UV light to an oven or extension cable if you have enough cords and cables hanging from outlets in your house.

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